Waze Will Now Support Spotify Playlists In Its App

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(Google Waze and Spotify and you can see some of the problems that people have had.) Creating a more seamless integration will help troubleshoot problems like this.

It also works the other way around because it seems that users will be able to navigate with Waze from within Spotify's app, and vice versa.

Both Spotify and Waze say they have put safety first, so their apps will prevent drivers from browsing while the auto is moving - so users must be at a complete stop.

Spotify and Google-owned navigation app Waze have teamed up to integrate their respective services into each other's offering. Waze says it will keep iOS users "posted". One tap opens Spotify and the last song you listened to starts playing automatically, while the Waze navigation experience is uninterrupted.

For Waze, it's notable that it selected Spotify first for this kind of integration.

If you're an avid Waze user, there's a reasonable chance that you tend to pop between Waze and an audio app while you're driving. You can also do it in reverse, starting with the Spotify app. Spotify now claims 100 million users (30 million of whom are paid subscribers, meaning that the rest are exposed to its audio ads).

Waze and Spotify were unavailable to comment on whether they would actively collaborate on ad sales, but it stands to reason that anything that generates more time-spent will impress marketers who advertise either platform.