Trump's Mar-a-Lago visits costing Florida thousands, documents show

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We are used now to Donald Trump's blithe hypocrisy, to the complete lack of value assigned by him to his own words, but the world is burning, and part of that is due to Donald Trump's own careless words and actions. This week, they took their request to federal court in NY and extended it to include visitor logs for Mar-a-Lago and Trump's Manhattan residence, Trump Tower.

This year's event came under scrutiny after the vendor that traditionally supplies commemorative wooden eggs as party favors sent a tweet warning the White House that manufacturing deadlines were fast approaching. Obama's 2013 trip included a brief stop off in Chicago to give an economic speech, making an exact comparison far more problematic. Some new expenses include Eric Trump's limousine service during a trip to Dublin which totaled $4,029.85. Last weekend, as Trump was hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping, he announced U.S. missile strikes from Mar-a-Lago after conferring with top aides in a specially designed conference room.

The CBS News report quotes Washington University Law Ethics Professor Kathleen Clark: "The bottom line on how much it's costing the taxpayers is absolutely something I think the public and Congress has the right to know".

As noted, secret service detail on the first couple is mandatory, but children are optional.

"It's not the [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] but the USA and Trump that makes trouble". From West Palm Beach, NPR's Greg Allen reports.

Undercooled meat, potentially risky raw fish and broken coolers were among 13 violations found by restaurant inspectors at Mar-a-Lago, the exclusive Florida resort owned by President Donald Trump, during visits in late January, state officials said on Thursday.

Then there's the controversy over the cost of his trips to the Southern White House.

When Donald Trump purchased Mar-a-Lago from the USA government in 1985, it had already been known as the "winter White House" for more than a decade. He brings people down there.

Cleveland Police are seeking a suspect who posted video of a homicide on Facebook, authorities said.

While the GAO has already agreed with Democrats' requests to appraise Trump's visits to Florida, the report concerning the cost of Obama's 2013 golfing trip wasn't released until mere months ago, in the fall of 2016. It's probably a nice way to visit with leaders and get to know them and to do some important business with them. This pattern is costing a lot of money to taxpayers and raises many ethical questions. He has hosted both the Japanese prime minister there, and the President of China.