PayPal and Android Pay link rolling out over the next weeks

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United States users will soon be able to link their PayPal account within the Android Pay app and use their online balance.

PayPal integration is only available in the USA for now, and PayPal has told Pocket-lint: "Currently, the PayPal integration with Android Pay is only available for customers in the U.S. As we learn from the integration in the U.S., we hope to explore expanding this integration into other markets but we have nothing more to share at this time". Among the retailers that will be accepting these forms of payment are Walgreens and Dunkin' Donuts, although any that accept Android Pay as a form of payment will enable customers to use their PayPal accounts through their digital wallets in the app. PayPal has become an nearly ubiquitous payments solution for many people since they launched, with the company processing $102 billion in mobile payment and two billion mobile payment transactions past year alone. In its latest move, the search engine giant has announced the integration of Android Pay with PayPal.

PayPal declined to disclose the terms of the new deal.

Then when you make a payment through Android Pay, your PayPal account's balance will be used. By integrating with PayPal, it opens up Android Pay to a lot more United Kingdom banks and building societies than are now available through the Android Pay system itself.

This will work wherever Android Pay is accepted - in-store, in-app, and online. Eventually, support for cards stored within PayPal will be added, which will be enabled through the payment processor's tokenization partnerships with major card providers. Soon they can start using the same PayPal account to tap and pay with their phones in stores and speed through checkout in Android apps.

Working with Google isn't new for PayPal; they collaborated on a transactional deal with Google Play three years ago.

PayPal is supported in Android Pay on Android 4.4 upwards.

The company says it processed $102 billion in mobile payment volume and two billion mobile payment transactions in 2016.