Pound falls amid growing UK election speculation

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Prime Minister Theresa May last month formally triggered Britain's exit talks, nine months after the country voted in a referendum to leave the EU. "Drawn-out uncertainty does the political and economic relationship between Europe and Britain no good", said German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday that she would ask for a snap election to be held June 8 - less than a year after voters made a decision to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Sturgeon also said in a statement that Scotland must be "protected" from a Conservative Party trying to seize control of government for many years to come.

Other commentators warned that Theresa May's shock decision to call for an early election could lead to the deferral of major investment and hiring decisions, although in the longer term it could boost investment by creating a stronger Government. "Britain is leaving the European Union", she declared, "and there can be no turning back".

The Conservatives now have a 17 seat working majority in the House of Commons. with 330 MPs.

Our opponents believe that because the Government's majority is so small, that our resolve will weaken and that they can force us to change course.

Ladbrokes meanwhile say it is 1 to 5 on that Mr Corbyn will be replaced as leader of the Labour party this year.

"They under-estimate our determination to get the job done and I am not prepared to let them endanger the security of millions of working people across the country", she said.

Jonathan Oxley, the chairman of the Institute of Directors in Yorkshire, said the region's business community also wanted to find out how the parties' planned to develop the Northern Powerhouse and handle Brexit. Parliament's support is required in order for the prime minister to call a general election prior the scheduled date of 2020.

Tomorrow (19 April) the House of Commons will vote on whether to hold an election as two thirds of MPs must be in favour onf an early election.

And all the polls suggest a Tory victory, with a YouGov survey this morning placing the Conservatives on 44 per cent to Labour's 23 and the Liberal Democrats' 12.

May has struggled with not only the opposition, but with members within her own Conservative Party, who have been at loggerheads over what kind of Brexit the country should have.

Some were surprised by her move - she has repeatedly said she does not want to be distracted by time-consuming campaigning - but opinion polls give her a strong lead and she has faced opposition from her own party for her some of domestic reforms.

The British pound has fallen amid mounting speculation that Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to call an early general election.

In a statement, Farron said: "The Prime Minister's attempt to dodge scrutiny shows how she holds the public in contempt".