3 shot, killed in California; suspect caught

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Mark Gassett, 37, of Fresno, had just picked up groceries at a Catholic Charities building when he was gunned down.

Torres said the decision to seek a death sentence also comes after defense attorneys are given the opportunity to speak with District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp and her administrative staff and provide them with evidence on why the death penalty might not be appropriate, Torres said. On the first of every month, Greer said Jackson would treat him to a meal at Denny's restaurant where they both ordered the club sandwich.

The three people killed Tuesday were white men, as was the motel security guard, Dyer said.

Dyer said Muhammad told police that he gave himself up because he respects Fresno officers, didn't want them to shoot him and is not a "coward". "Too early to say whether or not this involves terrorism", Dyer said, according to the Los Angeles Times. He also had shot at a fourth person and missed.

The Associated Press came under fire Tuesday for a tweet that inaccurately implied a shooter in Fresno, California shouted "God is great" in English.

The Fresno police chief also told reporters that the suspect's Facebook page included posts that expressed hate for white people. Muhammad yelled "Allahu Akbar" while he was being arrested, Police say.

Dyer says Muhammad isn't a terrorist but is a racist and described the slayings as a hate crime.

The weapon used in the shooting spree hasn't been found.

The chief has gone ahead to reveal that investigators are reluctant when it comes to believing that Muhammad had associates in carrying out the heinous act that left a number of people dead.

According to Metro UK, during his rampage, Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, first walked up to a lorry and shot the man sitting in the passenger seat.

Muhammad is then believed to have walked on through downtown Fresno, shooting at another white person and missing, sparing two women in a auto who were Latina, and then fatally shooting two more white men, aged 37 and 58, all within less than two minutes before he was taken into custody by police.

On social media, Muhammad referred to white people as "devils". He also told investigators he is Muslim, but he prays to seven different gods and hasn't been to a mosque in 25 years. But it was closed, so he popped into a Starbucks where he learned he was wanted in the killing of the guard.

Unarmed security guard Carl Williams was shot multiple times at Fresno's Motel 6 last week.

"I never would have thought he would do anything like this", said Muhammad's brother, who asked not to be identified by name. All rounds were fired in less than a minute. - Muhammad then ran, climbed onto roof of the nearby 7/11 and hid out through the night. "I saw the man running", she said. Muhammad then continued walking along Mildreda Avenue and Fulton Street, firing at least 14 rounds at three separate locations.

County government buildings were placed on lockdown during the shooting spree and residents were urged to shelter in place. The guard was taken to the hospital who later died due to sustaining grave injuries.

The victims happened to be on the same block at the same time Tuesday but had no known connection to each other or to Kori Ali Muhammad, Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

The nonprofit organization doesn't believe Muhammad was tied to Catholic Charities, spokeswoman Teresa Dominguez said. He is expected to be charged with four counts of murder and arraigned Friday.

It said the victims include 183 children up to 11 years old and 910 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17.