Apple's Pro iMac Slated For Released By The End of 2017?

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Apple is preparing two new iMac models to begin production in May and launch in the second half of the year, reports DigiTimes. However, some reports suggest that it may also come with an E3 processor, along with a likely model E3-1285 v6 processor that may be sporting an integrated P630 graphics chip.

Latest speculations claim that the Cupertino-based tech giant is releasing server-grade "iMac" with Xeon CPU at the Q3 of 2017. As for that "ECC RAM", that's error correcting memory, the kind that can detect and correct data corruption. Apple is also reportedly testing a new server-grade iMac intended for the high-end sector.

That discrete graphics card is very nice for pro-users, the iMac AIOs normally get underpowered laptop grade GPUs.

Quanta Computer is one of the long-time partners of Apple.

Apple now has a 21.5-inch and a 27-inch iMac available in the market and the new products are expected to be the upgrades of the two models and are expected to hit the market in the third quarter to catch up with the year-end holiday season. The manufacturer, Quanta, remains the largest all-in-one PC maker in 2017.

The report also stated that Apple will support configurations with NVMe SSD storage and this will be up to 2TB. New iMac machines could have an 8k display and both USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 are expected. The device might have its rumored Touch Bar just like the new MacBook Pros.

This "server-grade model" of the iMac is expected to be announced before the end of 2017. The most recent claim is that the new iMac variants will come with a number of improvements, which hints of more powerful workstations for different types of users.