Government: 36 Islamic State fighters killed by massive bomb

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The Afghan presidential palace said precautions were taken to avoid civilian casualties.

Pentagon officials say the USA commander in Afghanistan who ordered use of the "mother of all bombs" didn't need President Donald Trump's approval.

Akifi stressed Afghanistan's readiness to use all available resources to combat terrorism in cooperation with global allies.

The video shows with just how much power the expanding wave blasted the remote mountainous area in eastern Afghanistan that the IS had made one of its strongholds.

American and Afghan forces have been battling the Taliban insurgency for more than 15 years.

Residents said they saw militants climbing up and down the mountain every day, making occasional visits to the village.

Friday saw global audiences awaking to news the U.S. military had dropped a GBU-43/B MOAB - the largest non-nuclear weapon in its arsenal - on a jihadist defensive position in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

There was no immediate comment from the Islamic State group on the attack. He said he could see smoke in the sky.

Achin District in particular, as one of the largest opium poppy districts in Eastern Afghanistan, provided a logical base of operations for ISIS-K activities near the Durand Line - affording the militants a sluice of commercial and strategic opportunities for further expansion in Nangarhar.

On Tuesday, the US-led coalition in Syria killed 18 of its own allies from the Syrian Democratic Forces, in what it described as a misdirected airstrike.

"They killed our women, youths and elders sitting them on mines". "We also ask the Kabul government to use even stronger weapons against them". USA and Afghan forces had been unable to advance because ISIS - which has expanded into Afghanistan in recent years - had mined the area with explosives.

"I want a hundred times more bombings on this group", said Hakim Khan, 50, a resident of Achin district, the site of the blast.

U.S. President Donald Trump April 13 called the bombing "another successful job".

The U.S. estimates 600 to 800 IS fighters are present in Afghanistan, mostly in Nangarhar.

The Site Intelligence Group, which tracks extremist organizations, reported Friday on a statement from the Afghan Taliban that condemned the US for its "terrorist" attack.

Amaq, the news agency affiliated with Islamic State in the Middle East, carried a statement denying that the group had suffered casualties in the attack, citing an unidentified source who had been in contact. The two militant movements are rivals of each other.

While the war in Afghanistan has largely slipped from public consciousness in the USA, replaced by the conflict in Syria and ongoing tensions over North Korea, there are still around 8,400 United States troops in the country engaged in counter terrorism operations. In the past year, they have largely concentrated on thwarting a surge of attacks by the Taliban, who have captured key districts, such as Helmand province, which USA and British troops had fought bitterly to return to the government.