Florida state senator apologizes for racial slur

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According to the Washington Post, the insult tirade happened on Monday night, when the three were having drinks at a members-only Governor's Club near the capitol.

From his unconscionable - and repeated - use of a racial and sexist slurs directed at an African-American colleague to his ridiculously choreographed first apology that he had to be prodded into making, Rep. He also said he was sorry for criticizing the leadership of Negron and those who backed Negron's rise to power.

Senator Perry Thurston (D-Pompano Beach) said Artiles' apology was "too little, too late". "There is no excuse for the exchange that occurred and I have apologized to my Senate colleagues and regret the incident profusely".

Artiles apologized Tuesday, but some Democrats began demanding his resignation.

Republican state senator Frank Artiles gave a public apology April 19, 2017, for using racial slurs and obscene insults in a conversation with African-American colleagues.

The Black Caucus plans to meet Wednesday and address the media in the afternoon. Jack Latvala of Clearwater. Artiles called Gibson "this f-king a-hole", "girl", and "this b-tch" during his rant.

"OK, Perry, I'm done", Gibson told Thurston, then stormed out.

Gibson, who sits two rows in front of Artiles, didn't turn to look at him. Artiles denied it, Thurston said - but urged by Thurston, apologized.

As Mitchell reported, Artiles approached Gibson and Sen. "Dude, did you just say 'niggers?' Am I hearing that right?" "By way of explanation, he added, "'I'm from Hialeah, '" she said.

With that, Gibson stormed off, saying, "I'm done", Politico reported.

Gibson left the conversation to go to the restroom. "I mean, I don't know why anyone would say racist or derogatory statements like that". "'No, I said n-gas, ' [Artiles replied, ] which is different in his mind". "It was a plus-9 Obama seat which they (Democrats) lost in a presidential year", he said.

"I encourage all Senators to be respectful of this important process and to refrain from participating in any activities that would jeopardize the impartiality of the ongoing investigation". "I'm very respectful to everyone", Gibson said. "And the way he was characterising the vote - it wasn't nice".

The legislative black caucus has filed a formal complaint against Artiles' and is now calling for his expulsion from the chamber.

Artiles represents western parts of Miami-Dade County in the Florida Senate.

On Wednesday, Senate Rules Committee Chair Lizbeth Benacquisto, R-Fort Myers, found probable cause to investigate Sen.

Thurston told the Herald he stayed and urged Artiles to apologise.

And it doesn't matter how the word ends, Braynon said. "My hard words have reflected more on me than they could ever have on anyone else".

Miami State Senator Frank Artiles referred to six white senators as "n*****s".

Critics, including the editorial board of the Tampa Bay Times, have called for the State Senator, Frank Artiles to resign from office. He defeated former Democratic state Sen. Dwight Bullard, is no stranger to controversy.

"There should be no grudges and reason to talk terribly to or about anyone", Gibson said earlier in the morning.

"If I had an employee that said what he said, I would immediately fire him", Scott said.