'GTA 5 Online' In-Game 4/20 Deals, New Game Mode Announced

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Called Tiny Racers, the retro-inspired stunt racing mode in GTA Online looks very similar to the standard viewpoint from GTA 1 and GTA 2.

Tiny Racers contests are hectic affairs, with players earning power-ups that can cause big-time damage to opponents. Instead of the typical third-person or first-person cameras used in GTA Online, Tiny Racers forces a top-down view of the race. While it does seem that Tiny Racers is limited to only Stunt races, it will still be cool to see Los Santos from a different angle. Support for the older consoles was dropped later in 2015, with subsequent updates and events for GTA Online supporting only the newer devices. With that being the case, marijuana business and business upgrades are 50% off, and any profits derived from weed sales will net 50% more money. On top of that, you'll also be able to burn out with Green Tire Smoke from LS Customs, available for 50 percent off today. Since "Grand Theft Auto III", every game in the venerable franchise has been a free-roaming, 3-D experience.

The official trailer, seen below, advises players that they use powerups and take out fellow racers to win and best of all players won't have to wait long for this new update, which is coming to the game next Tuesday on April 25. Will you be stocking up on weed-related purchases today?