Spotify Codes make it easier to share and find music

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If you want to scan a code from your app, you have to head over to the Search tab and look for the camera icon on the top right.

Move over barcodes, QR codes, and all other forms of codes, Spotify is introducing another code for you to scan and artists/labels to print on their posters and billboards. They have made a new option to share any music to your friends, and they are calling it Spotify Codes.

"We're excited to see the creative ways in which they are used". In the meantime, you may be able to pull up the Spotify Codes yourself from within the music app by tapping the three-dots button on the right-hand side of the screen.

While friends sharing playlists is certainly one use, the much more interesting aspect is what Spotify Codes could mean for artist marketing.

The code is not being officially published by Spotify but US users are expecting to get the code earlier than other countries.

Spotify is only offering the Spotify Codes feature to mobile users only so it's not possible to use it via a desktop.

To scan a code, Spotify has implemented a new camera button within the search menu. Content can then be shared between devices by hovering the camera over the code found underneath music or artists. Instead of getting someone to send you a link to an album or song, they can get the barcode and hold their phone out for you to scan it quickly.

Spotify Codes don't just have to come from someone else though.