Microsoft fixes critical security flaw in Windows Defender

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At Build though, the experts say Microsoft will be quiet on this front. But the company is tight-lipped, so we mostly have to guess. For instance, Microsoft has been investing heavily in the cloud and is rumored to be planning some enhancements to its online solutions. There's also a good chance Microsoft will discuss its broader plans for taking down Chromebooks.

Microsoft tags feature upgrades with a yymm label - will receive its last security patches on May 9.

A big change to the Windows 10 interface is expected this year - known by the codename "Project Neon" it's believed Microsoft is planning a much slicker version the Windows 10 interface when the next big update is released. In fact, this year, we're even entertaining the possibility of new hardware.

What to do if I get the black screen when upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update?

4 of 12What's Going On With Redstone 3? The out of band patch will be pushed out automatically to users within 48 hours of release.

Whatever might be the future of Microsoft's Windows Phone division, it'll be interesting to see this upcoming dual OS phone.

A quick review of the sessions catalog shows several DevOps sessions are scheduled throughout Build including a Q&A Panel to talk about Microsoft's migration to their One Engineering System for 65,000 employees using Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Azure. Amazon continues to improve Alexa; Samsung has fired a shot over the bow with Bixby; and Apple reportedly is updating Siri. So when is Microsoft Build 2017?

Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010, Microsoft Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint Service Pack 3, Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender for Windows 7, Windows Defender for Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1, Windows Defender for Windows 10, Windows 10 1511, Windows 10 1607, Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 1703, and Windows Intune Endpoint Protection are all affected.

Microsoft's Build developer conference will take place from May 10 through May 12, which means it's nearly time for us to learn about the company's vision for the future of Windows and computing. The company is now ready to stop supporting the original Windows 10.

Windows 10 was originally released in July 2015. At Build, Microsoft could showcase new features and discuss why it believes it can compete against the ever-growing iOS-and-Android onslaught. However, it's likely that Microsoft will extend 1607's date of demise, as it did to 1507 and 1511, to separate it from the latter. Look for Microsoft to explain at Build how developers can use bots in its platforms and how it hopes to improve artificial intelligence to boost its user experience. This new feature is created to inspire students to learn the basics and the power of coding by combining the open worlds of Minecraft with popular learn-to-code platforms such as Tynker, ScratchX and a new open source platform from Microsoft called MakeCode.

For all of the details on what to expect, we've put together a full preview of the event below.

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