UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform

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The Conservative Party, which May heads, has yet to release its draft, but May has thus far unveiled plans to end bans on fox hunting and the creation of new grammar schools-making the contrast with the Labour Party's sweeping vision all too stark.

"It has not increased our security at home".

He said he supported military action "as a genuine last resort" but accused recent British and USA governments of "bomb first, talk later" policies.

"I will do everything to protect the security and safety of our people and our country".

In a speech in north-east England, she will ask voters to reject a "nonsensical and incompetent" Labour Party and put their faith in Tory promises to tackle "burning injustices" with policies like a cap on energy prices and protecting pensions from unscrupulous bosses.

Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the media outside the Institute of Engineering in London, where a party meeting took place as they deal with the fallout from the sensational leak of its draft General Election.

Meanwhile 56% of respondents told Comres that they believed Jeremy Corbyn "would be a disaster as Prime Minister" as opposed to just 30% who said he "would be given a fair chance of leading the country".

"It doesn't make me a pacifist".

He said: "Waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't strong leadership".

In a major speech in London, Mr Corbyn said there would be "no more hand-holding" with President Trump if he was in Downing Street.

"But that is very far from the kind of unilateral wars and interventions that have nearly become routine in recent times".

Corbyn added that he was prepared to negotiate with ISIS, and accepts that "military action under worldwide law is a genuine last resort [and] is in some circumstances necessary". "If you want to freeze the state pension age at 66 and keep the changes cost neutral, you'd have to cut the state pension for every individual from £8,000 a year to around £7,200".

The party said it wants to retain the benefits of the EU's single market and customs union, while immediately guaranteeing existing rights of EU nationals living in Britain and securing reciprocal rights for United Kingdom citizens living in other EU countries.

Mrs May said that the election offered a choice between "me and my team, with our eyes fixed on the future, or Jeremy Corbyn and his allies that want to take us back to the economic chaos of the past".

"We will set out in detail the five great challenges we face over the next five years and lay out what we are going to do to tackle them", she said.

Britain's military interventions in Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Afghanistan have made the country less safe, Jeremy Corbyn argued today.

Mr. Corbyn says the pledges in Labor's manifesto - a draft of which was leaked on Wednesday - will be "very popular".