5 things to know about French president-elect Emmanuel Macron

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Macron won 66.1 percent of the vote against 33.9 percent for far-right leader Marine Le Pen, final results from the Interior Ministry showed on Monday.

Manuel Valls, a former French Socialist prime minister, said on Tuesday that he wished to support president-elect Emmanuel Macron's political movement in the June elections in the lower house of parliament. Denmark and now France is in contrast to the mindboggling return of regressive, racist and insular politics in the U.S., and also in contrast to the Brexit experience, both of which were imitated by Le Pen.

"This Socialist Party is dead, it is behind us", Valls said Tuesday.

"Happy that the French chose a European future". "Together for a #Europe more strong and more just", Europe", tweeted Jean-Claude Juncker. On the eve of the election, Macron reiterated his stance that unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state would create instability and damage France's relationship with the Jewish state.

"Congratulations to new President, Emmanuel Macron, on his decisive victory over the hard right". "New opportunities will now open up for the proactive agenda needed to strengthen the European Union, including more jobs and fair working conditions, a stronger climate policy and a functioning asylum system in which everyone takes responsibility", said Sweden Prime Minister Stefan Lofven. Macron wants to stop British businesses from being able to bid for public contracts within the European Union post-Brexit, according to reports.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, "the victory of President-elect Macron is a symbolic victory against inward- looking and protectionist moves and shows a vote of confidence in the European Union?".

She said she hoped and believed that cooperation with Macron would progress "in exactly this spirit".