Controversial Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke says he'll be appointed to Homeland Security

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The conservative firebrand told WISN-AM talk radio host Vicki McKenna on Wednesday that he will work in the Office of Partnership and Engagement as a liaison to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. The post does not require Senate confirmation.

"I'm exhausted of all these crocodile tears about 'the kids, the poor kids coming.' We're not talking about that", Clarke said in yet another clip.

The department, however, won't say if the sheriff was offered a job. As Milwaukee County Sheriff, Clarke recklessly pursued joining the Trump administration in their implementation of 287 (g), which gives local law enforcement the ability to operate as federal immigration agents. "He's probably not going to say much more until the official announcement, but he's excited".

While Clarke is set to take the role in June, it came at the expense of former staffer Phil McNamara's job, who worked in the role after being appointed by former president Barack Obama. In a House Judiciary Committee hearing in 2015, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) asked Clarke, "You said that illegal drug use is the scourge of the black community and it is a problem and leads to a great deal of violent crime..."

In a column published on The Hill a year ago, Clarke excoriated Black Lives Matter. Clarke was in charge of the jail at the time of passing, through the grand jury ultimately decided that they "did not recommend criminal charges against Sheriff Clarke".

Clarke has said in the past that it would be hard to turn down a job offer from President Donald Trump if he was asked to join the administration.

"Sheriff David Clarke's unconscionable record makes him unfit to serve", Sen.

Clarke would be leaving office with several pending lawsuits against him, including one filed by relatives of 38-year-old Terrill Thomas, an inmate who prosecutors say was deprived of water as punishment.

He continued, "We have several forces internal and external attacking our rule of law: ISIS, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street - just the most recent iterations of the elements who brand themselves as unique but seek the same revolutionary aim: take down the West, the philosophy of equality before the law, and replace it with their authority, their rules, their hate".

Clarke, who frequently praises Israel on social media, once wore the badge of Israel's National Traffic Police in an NRA promotional video. "Scott Walker must appoint a sheriff who will withdraw from 287g, end collaboration with Trump's campaign of mass deportation and terror against immigrant families, and support reforms to prevent deaths and abuses at the Milwaukee County Jail". There is an election in 2018 for the full four-year sheriff's term.