Biden isn't ruling out 2020 run for president

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"I never thought [Hillary Clinton] was the correct candidate", Biden said, according to Newsweek.

Joe Biden disses Hillary Clinton: 'I never thought she was a great candidate.

On March 26, Biden stated during a panel at Colgate University that he had decided not to enter the 2016 presidential race because he was still grieving the death of his son, Beau Biden.

Biden also didn't seem to rule out his own run for president in 2020. "Would I? Probably not", according to CNN.

Additionally, in a December 22 interview with the Los Angeles Times, Biden said Clinton was reticent to run and ultimately didn't know why she did.

Comparing his administration with that of Donald Trump's, Biden said President Obama went eight years "without a single scandal". Biden has said he will spend the rest of his life fighting to eradicate the disease.

Biden offered advice to Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

In October 2016, just days before the general election, Biden said during an interview that he thought he could have defeated Clinton in the Democratic primary.

The former vice president even admitted that he's been approached by people who want him to take the plunge and run to face Trump in 2020.

Still, Biden praised his commander-in-chief, saying Obama was "absolutely, totally competent;" someone who took the job "extremely seriously".

It was an unexpected admission from Biden whose party brought out an all-star roster to rally support for Clinton in the final days of a brutal campaign a year ago.

Speaking in the SALT conference on Thursday, Biden said that he would donate his $200,000 speaking fee to charity.

The former vice president outlined the goals of his non-profit cancer initiative at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference Tuesday night in San...