Director made me take off my top at 17, says Robin Wright

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If you thought the sinister goings-on in House of Cards were feeling a bit too real these days, Robin Wright is as freaked out as you are.

In the hit Netflix series, Wright plays Claire Underwood, the icy wife of President Frank Underwood. She flat out told Variety that numerous near-daily scandals that are coming out of the real White House these days could be plot points on her show. Season 5 of House of Cards is set to air on Netflix on May 30.

"Everyone is talking around the (water) cooler saying, 'We have four more years of this!" "I was told that I was getting equal pay and I believed them, and I found out recently that it's not true", she said.

Robin premiered her new directorial effort The Dark of Night, a short described as a "female vigilante movie", at the Cannes Classics selection on Thursday.

"I think the one piece of general advice that they gave was just to never do something that felt off", Dylan shared.

"House of Cards" has been a big feather in the cap of Wright, who has an impressive resume with roles in "Forrest Gump" and "The Princess Bridge". She also discussed how the term "feminism" has somehow become a "derogatory or diva-like word". "They said, Lift up your top".

But she said feminism was about more than calling out crude discrimination. "Feminism is just equality".

It's only natural in this current political climate to draw parallels between pop culture and President Donald Trump's administration, whether it's Olivia Pope's fearless persona on Scandal or Leslie Knope's relentlessly self-imposing optimism on Parks and Recreation.

Robin Wright has been in Hollywood long enough to have seen and experienced some really fucked up things.

"I was 17 and in Paris, and I went in for a go-see", Wright remembered. Actual wonks say D.C. politics really look a lot more like Veep, HBO's cutting comedy-all bumbling gaffes and pissed-off politicians getting through one embarrassing crisis to the next.