Ben Stiller reunites 'Dodgeball' cast for charity fundraiser

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The victor will also get to stay in a 4-star hotel, take a team picture in a custom dodgeball jersey and enjoy pizza with Stiller after the game - win or lose. It was announced on fundraising platform Omaze Wednesday morning, complete with a YouTube video (below) featuring everyone's two favorite dodgeball teams. 13 years later (where does the time go?) the cast of that comedy has reunited to raise funding for a good cause.

Now, Stiller and Vaughn are back, repising their roles of arrogant Globo-Gym owner White Goodman (PURPLE COBRAS!) and humble everyman Peter LeFleur, respectively.

Money raised benefits the Stiller Foundation, which supports education for children around the world. Now we must dodge an incoming wrench from Globo Gym after expressing such a sentiment!

So with the help of lawyer Kate, played by Stiller's ex-wife Christine Taylor, LaFleur enters a dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas with a cash prize. Or you can donate more and get things like autographed items or a bike.

Stiller's Omaze campaign is also offering limited edition and signed items from the movie in exchange for chances to win.

You can enter to play in the charity dodgeball match here. Donation levels range from $10 for 100 entries to win to $5,000 for 50,000 entries. After the game (aka, after the Purple Cobras dominate), you'll take a team photo together so you can remember the time you crushed Average Joe's once and for all.