Trump labeling House health care bill 'mean' frustrates GOP

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The comments underscore the unusual secrecy with which Senate Republicans are crafting a health care bill to repeal and replace swaths of former President Barack Obama's health care law.

The Associated Press has reported that President Donald Trump believes the American Health Care Act is "mean", and wants the Senate's health care bill to be "more generous". "Yes, premiums will be coming down; yes, deductibles will be coming down, but very importantly, it's a great plan", Trump said, surrounded by House Republicans he had invited to celebrate with.

Now, however, he is sounding a different tune. The bill passed by the Senate, would then go to the House and the two chambers would need to agree on a final bill to send to President Trump to sign into law. In particular, Senate aides are reportedly concerned about securing the votes of Republican senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul due to concessions made so far in negotiations to moderate Republicans. The Utah Republican said he would like to see a floor vote before the July 4 recess but couldn't say if that is possible. That House bill was widely criticized for letting states seek waivers from insurance protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

One of the key issues is the fate of the expansion of Medicaid, the healthcare program for the poor, under the Affordable Care Act.

Facing expected unanimous Democratic opposition, Republicans will be unable to pass a Senate bill if just three of the 52 GOP senators vote "no". Many states controlled by Republicans took the extra funding from the federal government, so the House bill's repeal of the funding in 2020 has gotten pushback from senators in those states. Instead they expressed their concerns to a president who encouraged them to work out their differences, multiple senators who attended the meetings said.

"I'd say give us a little more time", Cornyn said.

A Cruz confidant, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said it is a hard choice.

In an embarrassing retreat, Ryan had to abruptly cancel a March vote on the House measure after a revolt by Republican conservatives and moderates that would have ensured its defeat.

We hear now that President Trump wants the Republican health care bill to be approved by Congress in a matter of days, and Republicans seem fine with that.

The Senate is still working on the text of a draft bill.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters aboard Air Force One Tuesday evening, "We don't comment on rumors or private conversations". It's the tax "reform" bill granting a huge tax break to citizens who make over $250,000 yearly, camouflaged as a health care bill.

If Republicans are intent on doubling down on the Democrats' mistakes, how do they expect the product to be any better?

"Something has to be done soon", said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., according to the report.

House Republicans "have done (their) job", Trump said in OH, and "now it is the Senate's turn to act, and again, I hope they are going to act in a very positive manner". Considering a number of offsets and spending, over the next decade the bill would save the government a total of $119 billion.