Disney Announces Main Aladdin Cast Including Will Smith

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, over 2000 actors and actresses read for the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine.

Aladdin fans had all three of their wishes granted today when the main roles for the live-action remake were duly revealed at D23. Ritchie did not confirm or deny the rumor when he was asked in May about Smith's alleged role, E!

Disney is hoping to start shooting Aladdin next month in the United Kingdom, but there's still got plenty of work to do before then.

If the casting process for Disney's highly anticipated live-action Aladdin update from Guy Ritchie seems to have been moving at a slow pace, you're not imagining things.

Mena Massoud, an Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised actor, will play Aladdin. And his name is Mena Massoud. Variety reported that Smith had been eyeing a family-friendly film as his next project, after appearing in mostly adult dramas and action films such as Suicide Squad and Collateral Beauty past year.

The film was reportedly struggling to find a suitable actor to play Aladdin.

Although Disney is still on the hunt to fill the roles of the Jafar, the Sultan, and Iago, filming is set to begin in London in August. Dan Lin, who worked with Ritchie in the two Sherlock Holmes movies, is producing Aladdin.

Disney have yet to announce who'll play Jafar. Jonathan Eirich is executive producing.