Caitlyn Jenner Considers Run For Senate: "In The Process Of Determining That"

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Noted transgender activist and celebrity Caitlyn Jenner said in an interview Sunday that she is considering a potential run for a Senate seat, according to media reports.

Jenner, a Republican, made a similar comment about running for office to CNN's Don Lemon earlier this year.

"Over the next six months or so, I've gotta find out where I can do a better job".

She continued, asking, 'Can I do a better job from the outside?

If Jenner decides to run in 2018, she faces incumbent Democratic Senator from California Diane Feinstein, who will be up for re-election - although Feinstein has not announced her candidacy.

Kid Rock, whose legal name is Robert James Ritchie, said last week on Twitter he plans to run for public office, but has not yet filed with Federal Election Commission (FEC).

For her part, Jenner would likely put pressure on the traditional Republican ideology.

"The perception of the Republican Party is that they are all about rich white guys trying to make money". Following her support of politicians like Ted Cruz-who has been rebuked for his regressive LGBT policies and beliefs-Jenner's politics have been called "breathtakingly clueless" in some LGBT circles. "Can I do a better job from the outside, kind of working the perimeter of the political scene, being open to talk to anybody?"

In April she hosted an event titled Imagining Men & Women: Caitlyn Jenner On Transgender Identity And Courage, where she spoke about her political leanings. Since then, Caitlyn has had her own reality show, I Am Cait, about the trials of her transition, and has stood as a trans advocate while being an active Republican.

In the interview with AM 970, Jenner said she hopes to help evolve the GOP's relationship - real and perceived - with the LGBTQ community. "And if that's the case, if I find it's on the inside, that I would seriously look at it".

"I believe in little things like the Constitution, I believe in limited government", she said. That, I realize is in anyone's mind is different, but you asked me what I think.