Feng leads by one at US Open

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UltraViolet is targeting U.S. Golf Association, which chose to keep the tournament the at the club despite Trump's previous crude remarks about women.

Early in the week, when the questions of whether President Donald Trump would visit the U.S. Women's Open remained unclear, many anxious that Trump's involvement in the event would serve as a distraction.

It should make for an interesting final day in a tournament that had an even bigger stage with Trump in attendance.

Amid cheering and jeering, protests and selfies, the AP reports that golfers were distracted - "crowds were asked to keep it down" particularly around the 15th and 16th holes where Trump had camped out, but apparently to little or no avail.

But protesters took an extra step Sunday, having bought tickets to attend the tournament.

Cobb will coordinate with Trump's outside lawyer Marc Kasowitz, who is representing the president in connection to the Russian Federation probe, according to ABC News.

"We don't want to distract the golfers". They simply stared at the president, and one protester, Melissa Byrne, said they were there because they wanted to "look him in the eye", according to a White House press pool report. She added that there seemed to be consternation in the box over the group's brief presence. She has followed with six more US LPGA titles, most recently winning in May at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In a scene extremely rare for the genteel world of professional golf, a woman who identified herself as Victoria K., a Taiwanese immigrant from Harding, N.J., challenged the protesters, saying, "He's a good man".