Moped yobs arrested following life-changing acid attacks

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The attackers went on to target four more people over the next hour-and-a-half, at least one of whom was left with life changing injuries.

Britain's Metropolitan Police said they were treating the attacks within 90 minutes on Thursday night as linked.

Both teenagers are now in custody at an north London police station after being arrested "on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery".

Another man had a corrosive liquid thrown at him 15 minutes later, causing "life-changing" facial injuries while the fifth person, a 33-year-old man, was attacked while he sat on his moped on Chatsworth Road, Sky News continued.

"The man was taken to an east London hospital".

Former UK minister Stephen Timms said carrying acid should be made an offence and suggested licensing the purchase of sulphuric acid as he urged a change in sentencing guidelines.

Acid attacks
Approximate location of five acid attacks that occurred on Thursday night in east and north London. Google Maps

Shortly after, another rider in Shoreditch High Street just a mile away had a corrosive substance was thrown in his face.

The two suspects had stolen mopeds belonging to their victims and drove around the city and threw acid on strangers.

London, July14:A teenager has been arrested following a series of acid attacks in northwest London on Thursday night, Scotland Yard said on Friday. "All victims were riding mopeds at the time of the attacks, but were from a variety of backgrounds", Chief Inspector Ben Clark said.

'We will seek to ensure that everyone working within the criminal justice system, from police officers to prosecutors, has the powers they need to punish severely those who commit these appalling crimes'. Both suspects are in custody at a police station in north London. He was later taken to an east London hospital by a female passerby.

Shadow Home Secretary and Stoke Newington MP Dianne Abbott responded this morning by tweeting: 'More awful acid attacks, Why would you scar someone for life just to steal a moped'.

Vice reported earlier this year that while acid attacks have been reported in England since Victorian times, the increase in popularity may be a result of growing crackdowns on knives and guns. "But we are concerned, because the numbers appear to be going up".