Bixby arrives at all Galaxy S8 in the world … but with deficiencies

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The virtual assistant of the Galaxy S8, Bixby, is already available worldwide, although you may want to wait.

As announced by Samsung on Tuesday, Bixby is available from today for all users, although it only works in English and Korean. This means that you can use Bixby regardless of your region, but you must use Bixby in one of those two language options – because there is no more.

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Samsung has another point against. If you know English is not enough to take advantage of Bixby, because Samsung says that not all accents, dialects and expressions are recognized by the virtual assistant with less than a year to be in the Galaxy S8.

The technology giant says that you can activate this feature from today on your Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus by simply saying hello to Bixby or pressing the side button dedicated to awakening it.

The Galaxy S8 is the only product that can work with Bixby, but it will not be this way for long. This week, Samsung will present the Galaxy Note 8 which, in addition to having a design similar to the S8, will have integration with Bixby.

However, the Note 8 will also have some new features, such as a new S Pen and a double lens rear camera. Do not miss the LIVE BLOG of CNET en Español, because we will be covering the event of Note 8 live from New York.

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