Director of Project Cars 2: “We have things no other simulator has”

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Since its launch in 2015, Project Cars 2, the driving simulator from Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment, has lived in the shadow of two giants who have been doing this for years from two different paths: on the one hand Microsoft and the Forza series Motorsport, and on the other hand Sony and the historic Gran Turismo.

Now, the simulator is about to launch its sequel, Project Cars 2, which at the point of realism, variety and an incredible amount of detail, promises to take the pole position in the race to be the most complete racing car simulator to the date.

The game director, Stephen Viljoen, was in Chile to show us a recent demo of the game, and explained the most important characteristics for old and new players of the simulation game.

“We have new content that we had not had before. We are happy for the car brands that will be present, such as the sacred trinity of car manufacturers, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. New locations, our career mode expanded dramatically and also includes new features such as ‘driving the manufacturer’ where you can become a manufacturer driver and have a secondary career. ”

“And things we have improved a lot on our previous version: our weather system, tire modeling, simulation of mechanical damage and simulation of all that, our Live Track technology where real time is reflected as the track looks Affected by changes in environment, climate, what happens to the surface of the track like how much tire you are burning, etcetera … we are very excited.

For anyone it is indifferent that the 2017 is full of launches of conduction. Forza Motorsport 6 and Gran Turismo Sport have release dates for October this year, and Project Cars 2 decided to enter the bout and launch two weeks earlier, at the end of September.

Faced with that, the question drops from drawer: Is there really space for three simulation games driving in the market? And most importantly, how does Project Cars 2 make it stand out from the rest?

“The point is that each title should be able to stand on its own legs regardless of the competition. Each game needs to differentiate itself enough, and Project Cars 2 does that by delivering a more complete package than all other simulators. We have more content that is important to people who play. We’re not going around saying we have 5,000 cars if you’re just gonna handle a few. Do not? What’s the point of having 20 Miatas when you’re only going to play with one, for example? But we deliver the content that we believe the players, and this is based on the feedback we collect from what they want to use or choose to use. ”

“As for locations and tracks, we have 60 locations with 130 tracks in those locations, by far the largest compilation of tracks in a console racing video game. One of the important things is that, unlike our competition, these are totally dynamic. All weather, weather and climate simulation systems work on all tracks. You do not have that ‘oh, you can go to this track but only if it’s clear’, or ‘you can play here in the rain but not here’, ‘at night but only in these’. Everything works everywhere. ”

“And you can take the cars wherever you want. We have an approach to the style game ‘anywhere, everywhere’, so we have designed the game. We have a more complete package than everyone else in the sense of how you can experience all these events and races, from karts to Indy Car, to Rally World Challenge, to GT3, to whatever, there are many. And we do it with a level of accuracy that no one else has. ”

Project Cars 2 has an advantage over its main competitors, and is that it can compete in three different platforms: Xbox, Playstation and PC. Is your third party game character important to the development of Project Cars 2?

“It’s very beneficial, not just for us but for the players, right? Because we as gamers, how many times have we had this frustration that there is a great game coming out but sadly not on the console that you use? Being third party immediately makes our user base bigger, because there are many … you know, we are not limited to a single platform. ”

In addition to being platform-independent, Project Cars has handled their launches with caution. Without going any further, the first version of the game decided not to develop for Nintendo WiiU due to performance problems, and we were in doubt if this time, now with the Switch in the market, we would see a version of Project Cars on a Nintendo console .

“We’re not concentrating on that for now. At this time we are putting efforts in consoles where it is already compatible, and we are not talking about any other possibility

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